New 15-inch MacBook Pro appears to offer fastest SSD performance on the market

ComputerWorld notes that if the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro benchmarks anywhere close to its claimed SSD performance, it will offer the fastest drive read and write speeds of any stock computer available – and that Apple is around two years ahead of most of its competition.

Computerworld‘s own benchmark tests with Blackmagic software on a 2015 13-in. MacBook Pro with Retina display revealed it could pin the needle at more than 1.4Gbps for writes and more than 1.3Gbps for reads. The new MacBook Pro’s specs smoke its predecessor.

The 2016 13-in. MacBook Pro‘s specs claim it has sequential read/write speeds of 3.1Gbps and 2.1Gbps per second, respectively. The new 15-in MacBook Pro ups the write speeds to 2.2Gbps, while the reads remain the same as the 13-in [which would make it] the highest performing stock system on the market …


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