Netflix’s brutal Hulu burn has been retweeted more than 393,000 times

Netflix Vs Hulu

Whoever is in charge of Netflix's Twitter account probably deserves a raise, or a demotion depending on your point of view. Earlier in the week, Hulu took a few well-placed shots at Netflix with a video tweet highlighting all of the content currently streaming on Hulu and unavailable on Netflix. In a 30-second clip, Hulu boasted that it has exclusive seasons from programs like Seinfeld and Brooklyn Nine-Nine along with hit movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and Iron Man. Indeed, Netflix in recent years has willingly let expansive licensing deals with movie studios lapse in favor of throwing money at developing original content. Most notably, Netflix in 2015 opted out of a movie deal with Epix and lost thousands of films in the process.

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