Nearby exoplanet Ross 128 b is looking more and more like Earth’s bigger cousin

ross 128 b habitable

Exoplanet discoveries have been coming fast and furious for several years now, thanks in large part to increasingly power telescope technology that allows us to study the heavens in greater detail than ever. Many of the exoplanets that astronomers spot are very clearly inhospitable to life due to their distance from their star, or the chemical signatures we are able to detect from afar, but Ross 128 b, located just 11 light years away, is much different.

Ross 128 b is a planet orbiting the star Ross 128 (see how that works?), and it's within what is known as the "goldilocks" zone, which is the distance from its host star that would make its surface neither too not nor too cold to support life. Scientists have known about Ross 128 b's location for some time already, but new research is giving even more weight to the theory that the planet could indeed be an Earth-alike.

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