Mysterious ‘alien megastructure’ star might finally have an explanation

alien megastructure star

For a far-off star, KIC 8462852 sure has been getting a lot of attention recently. Earlier this year the star — which has been nicknamed "Tabby's Star" after Tabetha Boyajian who first documented its bizarre behavior — began dipping in brightness with no obvious explanation. It wasn't the first time the star's light had sharply dropped, and astronomers have been keeping a close eye on it while theorizing why it kept acting so odd. Now, after additional observation, they've narrowed down the possibilities.

Typically when a distant star dips in brightness it's because a planet or some other object has momentarily blocked its light from our view. That possibility has been ruled out for Tabby's Star because of how much its brightness wanes when it begins to flicker. The star drops in brightness as much as 20 percent, and scientists say no planet could possibly be large enough to block that much of its light. That's where the possibility of aliens comes in.

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