Mug shots: How Ars Technica editors prefer to stay caffeinated

Enlarge / Everyone's cabinets/cupboards basically look like this, right?

It's Thanksgiving in the US, and much of our staff is at work in a kitchen instead of an office space. As is becoming Ars tradition, we use such holiday times to provide a rare glimpse into life around the Orbital HQ: see prior peeks via deskspetschairs, or cars for example. Perhaps you can think of this as our way of bringing a classic green bean casserole to readers today.

No matter whether an office exists as brick-and-mortar or Orbital, focuses on manufacturing, development, or journalist'ing, they all share one thing in common. It's not too many sweets for holiday parties or too many devices still relying on Windows Server 2003. It's that physical companion likely sitting directly to your side right now.

The humble mug can carry everything from Soylent to the best cup of coffee science can engineer. It warms minds and bodies so folks everywhere—even those handling IT in the Arctic or working in literal ice labs—can tackle whatever the day has in store. Mugs do more than carry your preferred beverage, of course. They have backstories that can take you briefly to a different time and place; they leave subtle bits of a person's personality out in the open for observant mug-watchers to notice.

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