Motorola just announced the Moto X4, and it’s unlike any Moto X before it

Moto X4 Release Date

In a sea of rectangles with round edges, the Moto X lineup has been a breath of fresh air for smartphone fans looking to separate themselves from the pack. Motorola's X lineup has always been about customization, allowing users to choose from a variety of different color combinations and even exotic materials like different leathers and woods. In 2017, the Moto X lineup finally gets the big refresh many Android fans have been waiting for.

The new Moto X4 model indeed updates the Moto X design identity to better align with newer Motorola phones like the Moto Z2 Force and Moto Z2 Play, but Motorola made an interesting decision about the Moto X line when developing the new Moto X4. The ability to customize your phone to your tastes — the spotlight feature of earlier Moto X phones — has been abandoned entirely.

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