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Mobile casinos are always evolving and 2017 seems set to be another year of this. Their operators are always looking for something new to impress players, so we’re likely to see big changes in the industry yet again this year. Join us as we take a look through our predictions for 2017.

More Sequels

Slot game sequels are nothing new but some developers are branching into creating series of games. These can focus on themes or even characters, like the Jack Hammer franchise of games. NetEnt have been playing around with their NetEnt Rocks series too, which focuses on rock icons.

NetEnt usually lead the slot game pack so we wouldn’t be surprised if other developers jumped on this band wagon too. Even NetEnt themselves could create another one of these series based on a different genre of music, like pop music.

New Technology

With regards to new technology, virtual reality is the elephant in the room as sites strive to adopt this tech. It’s still early on in this race and it’s anyone’s game so far, whether a big site or an indie one will be the first to do so we can’t say. These headsets are becoming more affordable though, so this is likely to stimulate the growth of the market.

The big challenge with VR is not just for a site to do it, but for them to do it well. With some AAA titles like Resident Evil coming out on VR, slot games will need to be sophisticated to compete with this.

Futuristic Themes

We all love a bit of sci-fi and this is a large part of what we see in the most recent slot game trends. New mobile casinos feature the latest games, which can offer a range of themes. However, sci-fi is dominating the industry and the big players are taking notice of this shift in paradigm.

For a while, branded slot games were at the top of their game as players wanted to see their favourite characters come to life. We’ve left this trend behind a bit in 2017 but a big blockbuster movie could make all the difference.

Console Gaming?

Last year was the year of the mobile casino but now experts are predicting that casting games from mobile onto a TV will give a boost to the industry. We can’t see family friendly developers like Nintendo allowing their players to access casinos through their console but if the phone were to act like the console this would be a different story.

This could be the thing that mobile casinos need to give them an added player base, as right now casinos are fighting over players. They could also benefit from the fact that some VR headsets simply double up an image on a smartphone, so they already have a niche with some users. This is all very reliant on the technology though, as some users won’t want the hassle of implementing hard to use tech.

Payment Methods

Gamblers like their anonymity and security, which is why selected payment methods are so popular. Some, like Paysafecard, are totally anonymous and the user can purchase them with cash so there’s no paper trail. While this may go beyond the needs of some users, it’s absolutely essential for some that don’t have or don’t want to use a card.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may also be on their way to these online casino sites, as they seek to expand these options even further. These currencies could be the way forward for sites to appeal to new users who like to gamble with alternate payment methods. Leaps and bounds have been made in recent years, so it’s possible a big change could be coming up next.

These are our predictions for the upcoming year of mobile casino gaming, though there are bound to be some surprises on the way too.

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