MLB Teams Up With The New iPhone-connected swing analyzer sensor

Blast Motion Analyzer

The MLB recently announced a deal with Blast Motion’s baseball iPhone-connected swig analyzer sensor. Which is a special sensor system to capture your movements when playing sports.

The sensor is basically just an attachment that you can put on your bat, to help analyze your motion and activity whenever you play or practice baseball, for better, more improved posture, swigs and hits.

The Blast Motion attachment includes a Bluetooth sensor for any compatible mobile devices like the iPhone, Androind and other selective platforms; That syncs with any Blast Motion app that has a data collector built inside of it, which lets you see various metrics, stats, tips, and short video clips to see what you need to improve on.

Here’s all the features it comes with:

  • Attaches to the end of any regulation bat and uses Bluetooth and Smart technology to connect to your smartphone
  • Picks up when you’re moving and powers-up the sensor to capture your movement in real-time
  • Captures videos and swings instantly, and even knows when swings are out of range
  • Can easily share your videos and highlights with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and E-mail

The MLB will use the new Blast Motion analyzer for training baseball teams, and even showcase it in the 2016 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game on July 10th. The MLB is also planning to let television broadcast tap into the data gathered by the Blast Motion analyzer sensor, which will be the first time it will make its real in-game appearance.

For more information about MLB teaming up with the Blast Motion analyzer, and the analyzer’s specs, you can visit 9To5Mac for more details.

Source info: 9To5Mac

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