MIT uses wireless signals to identify people through walls

RF-Capture uses wireless signals to take snapshots of human bodies, even if they’re in a different room. (credit: MIT)

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab is developing a device that uses wireless signals to identify human figures through walls. Called RF-Capture, the technology “can trace a person’s hand as he writes in the air and even distinguish between 15 different people through a wall with nearly 90 percent accuracy,” MIT said in an announcement today.

MIT says the technology could have at least a few real-world applications. It could work in virtual reality video games, “allowing you to interact with a game from different rooms or even trigger distinct actions based on which hand you move.” RF-Capture could also assist in motion capture for movie production without requiring actors to wear body sensors.

MIT is “working to turn this technology into an in-home device that can call 911 if it detects that a family member has fallen unconscious,” said Dina Katabi, director of the [email protected] center. “You could also imagine it being used to operate your lights and TVs, or to adjust your heating by monitoring where you are in the house.”

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