Mint By Intuit Is A Finance Manager App

Mint App

Mint by Intuit is a great free app that lets you manage and plan your finances in a breeze. You can link your checking account, savings account, credit cards and more, and visually see your day-to-day spending and saving habits.

Because the app is like your own personal money manager, it allows users to see their personal finance accounts in one place, without having to go to several sites or apps for their overall finances. The app also allows you to be able to categorize your transactions, display charts, graphs charts as well as provide bill reminders and bill alerts to help you stay on top of all of your accounts and finances.

The great part about the Mint app is that since it keeps track of your everyday lifestyle and spending habits, it will give you a status-quo of your finances to help you make important decisions on rather to invest, save or splurge a little all depending on how much money you have. Users can also check this status on multiple devices through Mint’s website which is, on their iPhone, iPad and their computer, to quickly get access and stats all at the tip of their fingers.

You can download Mint’s app here at the App Store on a 8.0 iOS device or later.

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