Microsoft has collaborated with their research lab and Skype team, to create an updated version of their AI-powered photo editing app, called Microsoft Pix. Which was originally designed to enhance and tweak your photos with things like color, lighting, contrast, etc. But now has it set up where you can have a little more fun with your photos and literally turn them into a work of art.

Basically the app gives you 11 styles to add to your photos, that range from all sorts of crazy and colorful filters that will make your photos look completely different. These filters can turn them into colorful emboss, fire, sparkles, paint and many other artistic effects that you can add to your pictures.

These are meant to be fun features. In the past, a lot of our efforts were focused on using AI and deep learning to capture better moments and better image quality. This is more about fun. I want to do something cool and artistic with my photos.” – Josh Weisberg who works within Microsoft’s research organization.

But it also has it where you can still take normal pictures if you don’t want them looking too artsy, and can still crop, adjust, fine-tune them and share them to social media. Which is perfect for anybody who just wants to take a plain and simple picture without any kind of crazy colorful effects.

So if you want to try out the new filters on Microsoft’s Pix camera app, then you can always update or download it at the App Store, where it’s currently going for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 10.0 or later. For more information about this particular app, you can check out Tech Crunch for more details.

Source: Tech Crunch, App Store

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