Microsoft to give back some of the free OneDrive storage it’s taking away

Microsoft will be giving back some, but not all, of the OneDrive storage that it was planning to take away from users of its cloud storage service.

In early November, the company made a surprising announcement to OneDrive users in two parts. First, the unlimited storage that came with Office 365 subscriptions was being cut back to 1TB. Second, the free storage tier was cut from 15GB to 5GB, and the 15GB bonus that comes from syncing your camera roll with OneDrive was also removed.

The change was unsurprisingly unpopular. The OneDrive UserVoice site, used by Microsoft to solicit feature requests and feedback, quickly recorded a new top complaint: more than 70,000 votes for the storage to be reinstated, dwarfing every other suggestion on the site.

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