Microsoft might finally have a forward-thinking game with Sea of Thieves

Enlarge / Those weather, reflection, and wave effects all come from the real-time version of Sea of Thieves. It looks that good in motion, too. (credit: Rare)

After years of teases and press-only demos, Microsoft and Rare's pirate-battling game Sea of Thieves has finally arrived in a form that looks like the online game we've been promised for so long. And, shiver our timbers, this week's closed beta test has honestly been promising—and sometimes danged good.

Moreover, it lets us get closer to describing this as a living, breathing online game, as opposed to the 15-minute pirate-on-pirate battle bursts we've seen at early preview events. Waddle on over with that peg-leg of yours, sit ye down, and let us tell you tales about Rare's new virtual seas—along with our hopes and concerns for the game going forward.

A pirate's life for ye?

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