Microsoft Edge won’t get Chrome-like extensions until 2016

Our favorite site rendered in Edge.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser shows a lot of promise, and at its core it seems to be a fast and attractive browser. Currently, however, its features are very bare-bones. It doesn’t support Internet Explorer‘s extensions and plugins, either, meaning that there is no real way to add these features. A solution is in store, however, in the form of Chrome-like HTML-plus-JavaScript extensions, which Microsoft has promised for the browser.

Those extensions were widely expected to be included in the first major update to Windows 10, which will arrive in November. Unfortunately, while the update will include some new features for Edge (most notably, it will show previews of each tab’s contents when hovering the cursor over the tabs), extensions will not be among them.

The company has issued a short statement that confirms that extensions won’t be supported until 2016 at the earliest:

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