Microsoft and Facebook just laid a massive cable across the Atlantic Ocean to make your life better

undersea cable

If you've ever felt the incredible frustration of wiring up a dozen gadgets in a home office, just imagine trying to connect a wire between two continents. That's exactly what a partnership between Microsoft, Facebook, and communications corp Telxius just finished doing with an incredibly powerful, 4,000-mile-long cable that is now laying some 17,000 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Marea subsea cable, as it is called, is capable of some truly impressive data transfer speeds. Weighing in at over 10 million pounds — which Microsoft points out is equal to 34 blue whales — the cable has a transmission capacity of 160 terabits per second. To put that in perspective, Microsoft says that's enough bandwidth to stream 71 million HD movies at the same time, and that it's approximately 16 million times faster than the average home internet connection. Wow.

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