MetroPCS Prepaid T-Mobile iPhones Are Now Available In Florida

iPhone SE 11 2

If you’re looking for a new iPhone and just so happen live in Florida, then you might be interested in MetoPCS prepaid T-Mobiles smartphones. They’re now offering the iPhone 5s-iPhone SE, at MetroPCS stores starting today.

The prepaid plans on MetroPCS normally start at $30 and vary from there, but any iPhone purchased from MetroPCS will start at $749 for the iPhone 6s Plus, and $649 for the iPhone 6s which is around Apple’s full retail price at their Apple stores.

MetroPCS will also sell Apple’s SE for around $349, which will be a little cheaper and affordable than what most Apple stores carry it for, considering its normal retail price. MetroPCS will also carry the discontinued iPhone 5 for $199 as well, even though it’s pretty much like the iPhone SE just slightly different.

The only catch though, is that of course this is so far only available in selected MetroPCS Florida stores and not available anywhere else yet. So you might have to wait a little while before it comes to your state or country. Also, it’s only available for T-Mobiles prepaid iPhones and no other mobile phone network when purchasing.

For more information about MetroPCS T-Mobile’s prepaid iPhones, you can visit MetroPCS official website for further details.

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