Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)

It can be hard to see progress when you're trying to get fit. Pounds don't fly off in a week, and massive muscles don't appear overnight. But a company called Skulpt wants to make it easier for you to see the fitness hurdles you've already jumped. Its $99 Skulpt Chisel is a brick-like device that uses "electrical impedance myography" to assess muscle quality and fat percentage all across the body. Think of it as a tracker for your fitness tracker, if you use a fitness tracker—the Chisel can assess if your workouts are actually working for you. Even if you don't use a fitness device, it can show you which parts of your body need improvement and how you've gotten stronger over time.

How it works: Feel the currents

Design and features go hand-in-hand with the Skulpt Chisel. It's a white, rectangular device that's slightly taller than a deck of cards, with a thin light ring around the edges. The front of the device is just the Skulpt logo, but the back is where all the technology is. That's where you'll find small electrode strips covering most of the surface, along with four small nodes that fit into its charging base. Those electrodes measure muscle quality and fat percentage on different parts of the body using electrical impedance myography, or EIM.

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