Man acquitted of felony charge over Facebook police parody page sues

Enlarge / Facebook is a popular social media site you may have heard about. (credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

A 28-year-old Ohio man is suing police for arresting him and putting him on trial for felony charges in connection to a fake Facebook page he created. The Facebook page mocked the local police department.

Anthony Novak alleges federal civil rights violations in the aftermath of his 2016 arrest by the police department of Parma, just south of Cleveland. The agency issued an advisory last year to citizens saying the page wasn't real and that "the public should disregard any and all information posted on the fake Facebook account."

Novak was acquitted by a jury of the felony charge of disrupting a public service. The fake Facebook page, which has been removed, replaced the agency's slogan of "We know crime" to "We no crime." A job advertisement seeking recruits on the fake page said, "The test will consist of a 15- question, multiple-choice definition test followed by a hearing test. Should you pass you will be accepted as an officer of the Parma Police Department."

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