MacTrast Deals: TaskPaper Flawless Text Editor


Using the TaskPaper Flawless Text Editor, you can cut through all the crap, and get your life organized. This plain-text editor is optimized for creating projects, task lists notes, and more!

MacTrast Deals: TaskPaper Flawless Text Editor

TaskPaper Flawless Text Editor – Cut Through Your To-Do List & Get Organized with This Adaptable Plain Text Editor – Just $12.49!


It’s never too late to get your life organized, and TaskPaper is here to help you start. A plain text editor optimized to auto-format projects, tasks, notes, and tags, this app makes it easy to keep track of what you’ve done, and what you still need to do. Even daunting tasks are slimmed down and made more accessible by the powerful outliner.

  • Edit files in any text editor or use one of the many TaskPaper compatible apps available in the App Store
  • Format lists easily & automatically w/ TaskPaper’s smart formatting
  • Fold, focus & filter to cut big lists down to size
  • Use the improved search engine to chase down past notes
  • Run lists as long as you like—there are no text limits
  • Organize your lists easily w/ drag & drop functionality

MacTrast Deals: TaskPaper Flawless Text Editor


Details & Requirements

  • Version 3.x
  • Free updates until Version 4
  • This is a Mac only app, but the “.taskpaper” file format may be edited on a number of different Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows platforms. To view the full list of compatible apps, click here.
  • For a full tutorial on how to use TaskPaper, click here.



  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Free updates until Version 4
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