MacBook Pro Users Reporting Popping Noise From Device

Apple may have a new issue with the latest MacBook Pro making strange popping noises while in use.

It seems that some frustrated MacBook users are looking for answers on Apple’s discussion forum regarding a recent issue with the MacBook Pro making popping sounds while in use. Some compared the popping noise to the sound of a plastic bottle being flexed.

It seems the issue is related to the 2016 MacBook Pro being reported on Apple’s forum at this time, some have mentioned the noise occurs randomly, as well as rarely, while some stated the popping noise occurs when the processor is warming up or cooling down, and others have mentioned it occurs when the music is in playback. Either way, many users are speculating the problem could stem when the system is under a heavy load such as gaming or streaming media, which could generate higher than average levels of heat.

At this time Apple has not responded to the current issue with the MacBook Pro, but I’m sure the company will be collecting users reports and feedbacks to finalize what procedures should be used to resolve this issue.

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