MacBook Pro: Apple to offer Radeon Pro Vega graphics option in November

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop. It offers top-notch performance for demanding users who need processing power and are willing to spend top dollar for it.

The current version of the MacBook Pro was released in July 2018. The new laptops have the same design as the previous version, but the laptops feature new processors that provide a speed boost. Learn more about the MacBook Pro by reading about its main features below.

The latest news about the MacBook Pro: New graphics coming in November

Apple didn’t formally make this announcement during its October 30 event, but it was revealed in the press release for the new MacBook Air. The company says that in November, the MacBook Pro will have the Radeon Pro Vega available as a graphics option. Apple says that the new options are “up to 60 percent faster” for demanding video and graphics work.

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