MacBook Cover Case

macbook case

This is the MacBook Cover Case by OhioDesignSpace. This case is priced at 54.99-62.99 and has this to offer for those who might be interested:


Please, TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION! When purchasing and shipping across Ohio State (only!), the tax 8% will be added to the total price.

Want to protect your precious MacBook from scratches and drops? Check out OhioDesign MacBook plastic covers! They are built really tough, will last a long time and are simply beautiful and fun.

OhioDesign MacBook cases Pros:
* hard plastic material!
* top and bottom protection parts!
* easy to snap on and off!
* waterproof and lightweight!
* do not block necessary ports!
* fit both Retina and non-Retina MacBook Pro models!
* foam feet and vents on the bottom!
* lots of design options to give a unique look!
* lets you express your personality!


PLEASE, check your MacBook model, before placing an order or contact me, if you have trouble finding it. I will gladly assist.

You can find your model identifier in the “System Report”:
1) Choose “About this Mac” from the Apple menu in the upper-left corner of your screen.
2) Click “System Report”.
The model identifier is listed in the Hardware Overview.

Available MacBook models:
MacBook 12″
MacBook Air 11″
MacBook Pro 13″
MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display
MacBook Air 13″
MacBook Pro 15″
MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display

OhioDesign ideas radiate positive and memorable emotions! Bring those emotions everywhere you go!

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