Lumines Remastered turns the Nintendo Switch into a full-body vibration party

Enlarge (credit: Enhance Games)

When the rhythm-puzzle game Lumines launched alongside the PSP in 2004, it maxed out that portable system's two coolest features: a big, bold screen and room for tons of high-fidelity techno songs on a UMD. Lumines' striking aesthetic was largely thanks to the PSP difference, it seemed to declare, and it heartily one-upped anything on the similarly new Nintendo DS.

The EDM-loaded series has since appeared on pretty much every system imaginable, but this week's Lumines Remastered is the first since the PSP original to cash in on new, unique hardware in dramatic fashion. The series' return on current-gen consoles and PCs may seem unremarkable to some players, but a certain kind of Nintendo Switch owner is poised to get the most out of it.

More specifically, we're talking about a weird kind of Switch owner—with spare Joy-Cons lying around and an outfit with tight-fitting pockets. Behold: gaming's trippiest "rave" experience yet.

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