Lucky & iTranslate Updated For iOS Devices

Lucky Trip 2

The App store has many new variety of apps available, covering many topics from A to Z.  If you are planning on traveling, you might want to download a couple of new free apps. 

Fall time is a great time to travel, the weather is nice and comfortable, a great time to check-out new places, where as if the weather is to hot or to cold, you might put off visiting that yearning place you always wanted to visit. With so many popular travel apps to choose from you might want to check out some of the new least popular travel apps. One new app created by the Burns brothers is – Lucky Trip.

This new app attempts to use the cheapest flights from Skyscanner and for the best places to stay. At the time of this post, there are at least 300 cities to pick from, each one hand-picked with unique activities to provide you with while staying in that city, if you choose not to try the activities listed, or decide to try other places,  you can just tap to generate new trip locations.

Another great reason to try this app, if you are on a budget, just set your budget, and the button will find a place that is suitable for your budget. This takes away that time and energy of you searching several sites to find that perfect budget place. This app requires iOS 7.0 or higher, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. You can download this free app in the App Store.iTranslate App

Another app that might compliment the travel app, would be iTranslate, this new updated app would be a helpful tool if you are planning to visit a place where there may be a language barrier. This app speaks over 90 languages, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. You can also download this free app from the App Store. Hopefully these apps can be useful in assisting you with that awaiting trip.

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