Lockheed Martin’s reusable Mars lander looks absolutely awesome

mars mission

Humans are going to Mars. We don't know exactly when, who it will be, or exactly what spacecraft will be the first to make the journey, but with several space-faring nations setting their sights firmly on the red planet, it's going to happen sooner rather than later. To make that goal a reality, groups like NASA are going to need the help of companies like Lockheed Martin, and the latter just released its newest vision for what an orbiting Mars space station and reusable lander.

The station, which is built with our current scientific understanding of Mars in mind, features a pair of what Lockheed Martin is calling "MADVs," or Mars Ascent/Descent Vehicles. Those vehicles function as landers to ferry astronauts to and from the surface of the planet, with the space station itself acting as a "base camp."

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