Live blog: Apple’s fiscal year Q4 2015 earnings call

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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “fireside chat” with Box CEO Aaron Levie last month

It’s that time of the year again. Apple just announced results for its fiscal year 2015 fourth quarter earnings including $11.1 billion in profit from $51.5 billion in revenue and 48 million iPhones sold, 9.8 million iPads sold, and 5.7 million Macs sold. Next up Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple CFO Luca Maestri will host a conference call with analysts from various firms to discuss numbers from the last quarter, product performance, and guidance for the current holiday quarter. We’ll be listening in on the finance call (so you don’t have to), bringing you a play-by-play summary including any news that Cook may make on-air. Stay tuned for our live coverage below as the call kicks off at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET:

Here’s your earnings report for Apple’s last quarter…lots of iPhones sold as usual.

— Awaiting Cook and Maestri to hit the airwaves…

— Here we go!

— Tim welcoming everyone, reflecting on ‘record breaking year’, recapping Apple Pay in the UK launch this year, Apple Music in 100 countries, Apple News in US (also UK)

— Apple completed 15 acquisitions between September 2014 and September 2015

— Sells up Apple Watch up this quarter and above Apple expectations

— 13,000 Apple Watch apps, 1,300 native watchOS 2 apps

— Cook recaps 61% iOS 9 numbers, OS X El Capitan launch, Apple Music at over 15 million users with over 6.5 million paying customers, Apple Music coming to China this quarter with iTunes Movies and iBooks, Apple Music coming to Apple TV 4 as we know

Apple Pay seeing monthly growth, American Express partnership will bring Apple Pay to Australia and Canada this year, then Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong in 2016

— 50+ brands working on HomeKit, 1600+ HealthKit solutions, 50+ CarPlay brands

— 40 million+ people using Apple News, 70+ publishers on platform, 100+ titles across US, UK, AU

— Luca Maestri recapping earnings numbers and citing survey data…

— 55 IBM MobileFirst apps in total now including watchOS 2 and iOS 9 versions

— 1 million+ developer members in China

— Apple Watch available at nearly 5,000 locations in 32 countries by end of last quarter

— Apple plans to open or replace 30 to 40 Apple Stores next year, reach 40 Apple Stores in China by mid-2016

— Maestri recapping guidance for Q1 2016 (holiday quarter)

— Question time!

— Cook addressing Katy Huberty/Morgan Stanley question on negative growth concern in Q1, says iPhone will grow in Q1 based on highest switcher record of Android users at 30%, emerging market opportunity based on marketshare and low LTE penetration so far, Cook still looking to China growing middle class and well-positioned Apple as growth expectation, cites progress in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, others, says Apple TV “off to a great start” and Apple Watch “just getting going”, really happy with Apple Music and people moving from free trial to music business

— Follow up question: more Apple can do to participate in services growth or dependent on device activations? Cook says App Store growth is notable, upgrade programs in the market operate like subscription business, may reduce upgrade cycles and create lower price point with used iPhones and fuel services revenue for Apple

Gene Munster/Piper Jaffray: iPhone Upgrade Program internationally and any sense of what S-upgrades were associated with it? Cook: Early still on iPhone Upgrade Program, relatively small compared to total sales as a company, many carriers offering similar plans, in the aggregate should have positive impact on upgrade cycle, Cook likes that it creates lower price iPhones, from a roll out point of view similar plans are offered in over dozen countries around the world, Apple on front end of major trend in industry, Maestri says Apple recognizes iPhone sales revenue up front since Upgrade Program is selling and not leasing, popular program in US stores but small in worldwide perspective, negligible impact on average selling price for that reason

— Follow up question: should we think about iPhone Upgrade Program as impacting future quarters more? Cook: Expect to see results around a year from now


— Listen along here or refresh for updates.

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