Littlstar, a service that produces 360-degree and virtual reality video, has landed on the new Apple TV. With Littlstar, you can get 360-degree video experiences right on your television, exploring new landscapes and experiencing stories in a new way.

Partially funded by Disney, Littlstar features content from a number of companies, including Showtime, Disney, Discovery, and National Geographic. You can watch documentaries, explore new landscapes, get lost in a story, or even play games, all with 360-degree immersion on your TV. You can move around the videos with the touch pad on the Apple TV's Siri remote, which lets you get the full view of each environment.

You can grab Littlstar for Apple TV from the device's App Store now. You can also check out Littlstar for iPhone and iPad for a mobile 360-degree video experience.

Source: Littlstar