Listen To Music Wirelessly With Griffin’s iTrip Clip

Play, control and talk on your iPhone, without any type of wires or cords, with the new iTrip Clip. This little clip cuts the cable between your smartphone and your headphones, to help deliver the ultimate wireless freedom to listen and to control your music.

All you have to do is clip it to your sleeve, shirt collar or bag strap and you’re pretty much good to go. This means you can connect to your smartphone (even if it doesn’t have a headphone jack) and can still play music due to its Bluetooth capabilities. But not only can it wirelessly connect to your headphones, it can also connect to your car stereo or home audio system to your iPhone as well, to give you a variety of different devices to connect to.

Here are some of the key features Griffin’s iTrip Clip comes with:

  • Converts any earbuds or headphones to wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Supports Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Comes with volume and track controls that work with any type of device
  • Built-in hands-free mic for taking phone calls
  • Compatible with Siri, Google Now and other voice recognition apps

If you would like to learn more about Griffin’s iTrip Clip or would even like to purchase it, then you can currently get it on sale at where it’s going for $18.00.

Source: AppAdvice, Amazon

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