Jump through an unpredictable world in Makibot Evolve

Jump through an unpredictable world in Makibot Evolve

Prepare to explore an ever-changing world in the endless jumping game Makibot Evolve, from Appsolute Games LLC, creators of Hex Brutal and Mr. Umbrella. This new puzzling, challenging, hopper has you climbing as high as you can while avoiding hazardous obstacles and nasty dangers.

Makibot Evolve Makibot Evolve gameplay

The concept is simple, although the game is anything but easy. Your jumping character must hop through the environment collecting coins and watching out for hazards like spikey walls and spinning wheels. The goal is to climb as high as you can through the sky to score big, collect power-ups, and unlock additional characters. As your little guy continues jumping, you just tap the left and right sides of the screen to guide him.

Check out this preview of the game and just click here if you cannot view it:

Unpredictable environments

Whats cool about Makibot Evolve is that when you fail by hitting a killer object or plummeting to the ground, you restart differently each time. The world around you is never the same when you begin a new game. This makes it both enjoyable because of the diversity yet extremely difficult to master.

Makibot Evolve Enjoyable but tough

Makibot Evolve has almost soothing music and nature-like sound effects with birds chirping. Both of which are really pleasant and accompany the attractive graphics well. However, I noticed that it is difficult to stay calm while in such a frenzy to keep my character from falling or hitting a spike. The game is challenging, but in a fun way, and makes you want to keep trying.

Makibot Evolve is universal and available for free on the App Store. The game is ad-supported with an in-app purchase to remove those ads.

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