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Although Apple’s official iTunes Match page still shows a hard limit of 25,000 song uploads for the music storage service, some users are reporting they are seeing additional songs matched and/or uploaded.

iTunes Match Subscribers Report Upload Limit Raised Over 25,000 Songs

Various account reported by MacRumors and Macworld‘s Kirk McElhearn indicate that users are able to match and upload music libraries greater than the usual 25,000 song hard cap.

There isn’t any firm word on what the new limit is, and as we mentioned before, the official iTunes Match documentation still shows 25,000 as the limit. It should be noted that similar reports began circulating back in September, and the change never became official.

Apple’s Eddy Cue has been quoted as saying Apple was “working to get to 100k for iOS 9,” which didn’t happen at iOS 9’s debut in September. In October, Cue told reporters Apple was still working on the increase, and promised improvement “before the end of the year.”