Is Apple deliberately slowing down cellular data on some iPhone 8 models?

iPhone 8 models: AT&T vs Verizon

When the iPhone 8 was officially announced, Apple made a big deal about the phone being "built for wireless." That isn't really true, as we've said before -- the iPhone 8 has the slow version of wireless charging, and the slow version of LTE data. Apple didn't mention gigabit LTE, or any of the wireless carriers' new LTE technology, during its presentation. But that doesn't mean the iPhone 8's hardware isn't capable of supporting it.

iFixit found during their teardown of the new iPhone 8 that the phone -- or at least the variant sold in Australia -- is packing a Qualcomm X16 modem. That's the same radio chip as found in all this year's top Android phones, and it's capable -- with the right software -- of gigabit LTE speeds.

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