iPhone XS launch problems: ‘Beautygate,’ charging irregularities, and wireless issues annoy early adopters

We’re enjoying our new iPhone XS devices, but that's not necessarily true for everyone else who has one. As is the case with every new iPhone launch, there are a few technical issues cropping up for at least a small percentage of users. The three issues most broadly corroborated by users online are the “beautygate” selfie camera problems, irregularities with charging, and wireless performance problems.

'Beautygate' selfie-smoothing

The most widespread complaint by far is that the front-facing camera on the iPhone XS is applying a sort of beautification filter to selfies. Users complain that selfies taken with the front camera smooths out their skin, giving it a “plastic” look, and that the XS alters the color tone in order to give their skin a bit of a glow. Apparently, this happens any time the front-facing camera detects a face.

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