iPhone X sales likely to skyrocket once Apple gets a grip on production issues

iPhone X Sales

Apple would have certainly preferred to launch the iPhone X alongside its brand new iPhone 8 models, but Apple's next-gen smartphone is understandably a tad more complex to manufacture at scale. Not only does the iPhone X feature an OLED display that is more intricate than the OLED displays Samsung manufactures for its own devices, a recent report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo adds that the components that comprise the iPhone X's Face ID system are incredibly complex and are temporarily keeping production figures low.

Once Apple gets a handle on production, though, it stands to reason that iPhone X sales will skyrocket. To this point, Kuo, in a note to investors obtained by StreetInsider, that pre-order demand for the iPhone X may very well fall in the 40 to 50 million range. This should be particularly encouraging news for Apple in light of reports that iPhone 8 sales haven't exactly lived up to sales figures put up by previous models. Disappointing iPhone 8 sales can, of course, be attributed to the forthcoming -- and much more compelling -- iPhone X. What's more, Apple has done an uncharacteristically poor job of informing prospective buyers how the iPhone 8 differs from last year's iPhone 7.

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