iPhone Continues to be Most Popular Smartphone Among U.S. Teens

Apple’s iPhone continues to do well among U.S. teens, as a new Piper Jaffray survey shows 76% of teens now own an iPhone.

iPhone Continues to be Most Popular Smartphone Among U.S. Teens


According to statistics presented in Piper Jaffray’s latest “Taking Stock with Teens” report, 76 percent of the more than 5,500 teens surveyed own an iPhone, the highest rating ever recorded for the demographic. Purchase intent also remains high, with 81 percent of respondents saying their next handset will be an iPhone. By comparison, runner up Android managed a purchase intent of 13 percent, down from 17 percent last fall.

Apple products have always performed well among younger users. The iPhone has shown a steady climb in both ownership and intent to buy over the last two years for the group.

The recent number show a 7% increase in the number of teens who own the iPhone over the same time last year. 75% had responded that they intended to purchase one last year.

It is believed the rising interest in Apple’s handset is due to the upcoming debut of the 10th anniversary “iPhone 8,” which is expected to debut this fall. The new handset is expected to offer new features such as an advanced OLED screen, an embedded home button, and much more.

Interest among teens about the Apple Watch also increased, approaching levels not seen since before the wearable device was unveiled back in 2014. 11% of survey respondents said they are current owners, while 13% say they plan to buy an Apple Watch sometime in the next six months.

Just under 16% of survey participants saying they own some type of smartwatch. That number is up from just 5% two years ago.

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