iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Camera shootout reveals surprising results

The camera that shipped on Apple's original iPhone was nothing to write home about. Even for its time, there's no denying that the original iPhone camera was underwhelming compared to other handsets on the market. Apple, though, quickly recognized that camera quality would eventually become a key differentiating feature. In turn, Apple began investing heavily in camera-based R&D, both in terms of manpower and money. And sure enough, it wasn't long before the iPhone camera began setting new standards for excellence across the industry. Underscoring Apple's obsession with camera quality, the company back in 2015 revealed that it has more than 800 engineers and researchers working exclusively on camera-based technologies.

Two weeks ago, Apple unveiled its 2017 smartphone lineup, and with it, its most advanced camera system yet. Released over the weekend, Apple's iPhone 8 Plus is an absolute powerhouse all across the board, and not surprisingly, incorporates a number of camera improvements compared to last year's iPhone 7 Plus. Still, it's not as if companies like Samsung have just been sitting idly by while Apple rolls out new camera features. On the contrary, Samsung has also upped its game camera-wise, and the battle to determine which handset delivers the best photos remains an ongoing and heated debate.

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