iPhone 8 is so much faster than Android that even Geekbench creator can’t believe it

iPhone 8 Vs Android

The A11 Bionic moniker may admittedly be nothing more than a marketing gimmick, but Apple's next-gen processor is nothing short of a monster. In the days leading up to and following Apple's iPhone media event, the iPhone 8 Geekbench 4 scores from Primate Labs' Geekbench test were truly jarring. So while iOS and Android have arguably come close to reaching feature-parity in recent years, the overall system performance provided by Apple's custom-designed A-x processors continues to leave Android handsets in the dust.

In fact, with Apple's new flagship iPhone models running more than 50% faster than top of the line Android handsets in some tests, Primate Labs founder John Poole can't help but wonder why we're only seeing huge performance improvements emanating from Apple.

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