We’ve seen quite a few professional movies and videos shot on iPhones over the years, and the latest example is the music video for Robot Koch’s Dark Waves. Shot and directed by Sven Dreesbach, it borrows heavily from his concept short Willow Creek.

As with most such footage, I’m sure it was shot with a $650 iPhone hooked up to about $50k’s worth of cinematic mounts, lenses and – in this case – underwater casings, but it is still a vote of confidence in the quality of the camera and sensor.

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CBS’s Charlie Rose got a detailed look at the iPhone’s camera tech with Apple’s senior director of camera hardware Graham Townsend.

Apple has long promoted the quality of its cameras, with a major ‘Shot on iPhone 6‘ ad campaign prior to the launch of the iPhone 6s. I compared the iPhone 6 and 6s cameras as part of my iPhone 6s diary.

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