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According to the recent update to Apple’s App Store dashboard for developers, iOS 9 is now on 71 percent of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. iOS 9 has gained one percentage point over the course of two weeks. 

Passing the milestone record of 70 percent, iOS 9 on Apple’s App Store dashboard for developers shows iOS 9 now stands at 71 percent. Looking over to iOS 8, it continues to slowly decline on the chart. iOS 8 dropped from 22 percent two weeks ago to 21 percent of iOS devices. With that said, you can check out the latest changes on Apple’s iOS pie chart below.

ios 9 reaches 71 percentLooking over to “Earlier,” which includes builds like iOS 7 and older, continues to make up eight percent of iOS devices in use. Furthermore, a month ago, iOS 9 was reported by Apple’s App Store dashboard for developers to be on 67 percent of iOS devices. With that said, iOS 9 gained four percentage points in one month.

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