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Apple recently updated their developer page to reflect the changes of iOS 9’s adoption rate. The latest figure in the pie-chart shows 70% for iOS 9, 22% for iOS 8 and 8% for Earlier.

Apple’s dashboard for app developers was updated with new statistics pertaining to the adoption rate of iOS 9. This information derives from users accessing the App Store with their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on November 30, 2015. In addition, the new stats show iOS 9 is now on seven out of ten iOS devices.

Furthermore, looking back two weeks ago, iOS 9 adoption rate stood at 67%. This means that over the course of two weeks the latest version of iOS gained three percentage points. For those that are curious, you can view the chart below

ios 9 70 percent

iOS 8 use to power 24% of iOS devices half a month ago, but now powers 22% as of now. As for Earlier builds of iOS, the chart shows that it decreased from 9% to 8%, adding on to the growth of iOS 9. Just a month ago, iOS 9 adoption passed the 66% mark, representing two-thirds of iOS devices in active use.

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