The iOS 9.2 update fixed a number of issues, but one that wasn’t mentioned was how it contained a subtle change that made the iOS 9 app switcher much easier to use. In previous versions of iOS 9, when using the app switcher, the app windows would slide quickly across the screen. For some, this meant that it was easy to swipe too far, and you had to swipe back to get to the app you wanted.

iOS 9.2 Update Makes App Switcher Easier to Use

Normal App Switcher on the left, reduced motion App Switch on the right.

First noticed by Kirk McElhearn, with iOS 9.2 while one window slides out of the way, the flow stops at the next available app, instead of flowing past it. This makes it easier to hit just the right app you wish to switch to.

Some users, even if they have iOS 9.2 installed, may not see the new app switcher behavior. If you don’t see it, enter “Settings” -> “General” -> “Accessibility,” and make sure “Reduce Motion” is turned on.

Be advised, turning on “Reduce Motion” does turn off some of the fancy zooming windows and such, so if you like that sort of eye candy, this tip isn’t for you. But, for those of us who always overshot our mark in the iOS app switcher, this is a handy little hint to make things a bit easier.