iOS 11: How drag and drop works

It took two years for the iPhone to get one of the most basic functions of modern productivity: copy and paste. The logical next step was drag and drop, but that’s taken considerably longer to implement. Still, the day is finally here: With iOS 11, Apple has added systemwide support for dragging and dropping data all around the system—with a few major caveats.

This is a feature focused on the iPad. In fact, when Apple was first building iOS drag-and-drop, it was originally destined to only be available on iPads. At some point, Apple decided that iPhone users could take advantage of drag-and-drop too, and so added support for it—but only within individual applications. So on the iPhone in iOS 11, you can drag text from out of one note in Notes, switch to a different note, and drop it in. But if you want to drag and drop across apps, you’ll need to use an iPad.

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