iOS 11.2 fixes date bug that crashes iDevices, begins Apple Pay Cash rollout

Enlarge / The iPhone 8 Plus dwarfs the iPhone X.

Some iPhone users woke up this weekend to continuously crashing iPhones, iPads, and other iDevices, and Apple has pushed out its iOS 11.2 software update early to fix this and numerous other issues. The update also starts the rollout for Apple Pay Cash and enables 7.5W wireless charging on new iPhones.

Users took to Internet forums early this weekend after discovering an iOS 11 bug that made their iPhones crash after 12:15am on December 2. Aside from the date and time, the issue was tied to local notifications from scheduled daily alerts or from apps that send repeat reminders. A support document issued by Apple tells users to turn off notifications for all apps on the iDevice before installing iOS 11.2. This bug appears to be the reason Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 so quickly to all users. The software update had been in beta for just over a month, and currently Apple hasn't even updated its security page to include security details about iOS 11.2.

In addition to fixing the date bug, iOS 11.2 starts the rollout of Apple Pay Cash. This is Apple's peer-to-peer payment system that lets users send and receive money through iMessage. Funds are drawn from a linked credit or debit card and are sent in the form of an Apple Pay Cash Card. Those who receive money through Apple Pay Cash can spend it through Apple's Wallet app or transfer the money to a linked bank account.

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