iOS 10 In The Making For 2016

iOS 10

We know Apple just released iOS 9 this past September, but the latest Apple news is iOS 10 is well in development. Employees working for the Cupertino firm are already using the new system to browse the web.

Some of the big rumors on the upcoming new iOS 10 software are: Users can expect Apple to announce the new version software in June at WWDC, after the announcement hopefully the developers will have a beta testing period to smooth out any bugs, and tweaks. Users can anticipate iOS 10 to make its debut in September 2016.

The latest rumors on some of the features to expect iOS 10 are: A “rootless” security system, Apple plans to make it difficult to jailbreak in the next update. Users may also see a new “HomeKit” possibly with a new name called “Home.” The app would basically cluster your Homekit devices by virtual rooms, this way you could see what needs to be turned on or off, and/or adjusted, without actually being in the room.

Another possible feature could be an updated Siri, called iCloud Voicemail, which would replace the standard voicemail. The iCloud Voicemail would allow a virtual assistant to talk to your callers, and transcribe your voicemail messages into a text. Another possible feature could be “Contact Availability Status,” this feature would allow iPhone users to see if their contacts are available for conversation, and where they are. I’m pretty sure as time progresses into 2016 the news and rumors will become more concrete with in-depth details to what iOS 10 will have to offer.

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