If everything goes as usual this summer, Apple’s WWDC 2016 will see the debut of iOS 10 (iOS X?). It would be safe to say almost every iOS users has some ideas about what they would like to see in the new release.

iOS 10 Concept Video Visualizes 3D Touch in Control Center


Visual designer and animator Sam Beckett has incorporated his views on what a more advanced control center should look like, including the use of 3D Touch and customizable widgets.

Features envisioned in the video include:

  • 3D Touch for different options per button
  • Long press to move buttons around
  • Edit button to replace buttons
  • Dark mode

Apple is expected to release iOS 9.3 sometime in March, so we should begin hearing word on iOS 10 soon afterward, and then see it make its debut at WWDC 2016 in the summer.