Introducing Ars Pro, the new Ars Technica subscription program

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Later this year, Ars Technica will turn 20 years old. Our success has always been inextricably linked to the dedication of our readers, with 15 million of you arriving each month from around the world. To all of us who work here, that loyalty is profoundly humbling. We work hard to live up to it, including in the way we fund our operations.

Today, we are asking you to consider supporting Ars Technica by becoming a subscriber. We've made some changes to the program in 2018, including lowering our prices and adding more goodies. Here is our new line-up:

  1. Free: Read Ars supported by ads, using one of the lightest ad loads of major media sites. All content remains available without rate-limits or gates.
  2. Ars Pro for $25/year (or $3/month): Read Ars ad-free and get access to full-text RSS feeds along with our subscriber-only forums for just seven cents a day. If just 1 percent of people blocking ads on Ars subscribed to this option, we'd be able to hire five more journalists.
  3. Ars Pro++ for $50/year: Read Ars ad-free, get a yearly tech gift from Ars (this year, it's an Ars-branded YubiKey 4, a $40 value), gain access to full-text RSS feeds and article PDFs, and read in "clean reading mode"—a special ad-free layout designed for pure readability. All that for the price of a latte each month!

You can review the details and sign up for the new subscription tiers here.

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