Instant Note A New Feature In iOS 11 For The iPad Pro

The Instant Note app is just what it says, a feature which allows the user to instantly make notes without opening the Lock screen to jot down notes on the iPad.

The new feature Instant Note in iOS 11 is designed to let the user open a new document in Notes by tapping the iPad Pro display with the Apple Pencil, all this is done even when the iPad is locked. This feature allows the user to instantly open a new note from the Lock screen while everything else is still locked down until the user enters the passcode or uses Touch ID.

Instant Notes is only compatible with the iPad Pro and can only be accessed with an Apple Pencil, there are two more new enhancements that can be used with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro: 1. Users can do inline drawing, which allows the user the ability to start anywhere in the middle of a text if desired. 2. Instant Markup which should be noted is not really “instant” but it is a system-wide way to turn the screen into a PDF (which isn’t a full-featured PDF clipper) in which the user can apply any type of markup notes desired on the screen.

To enable Instant Note on the iPad Pro using iOS 11, launch the Settings app on your iPad Pro > tap Notes > tap Access Notes from Lock Screen and select the way you would like to open Instant Notes – A. Always create new Note, B. Resume last Note created on the Lock screen. C. Resume last Note viewed in Notes App.

Source: iMore, cultofmac

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