Inside Microsoft HQ’s weird, wonderful swag store

REDMOND, Wash.—Microsoft doesn't generally let its customers and fans show up and see where the Windows and Xbox sausage gets made. Should you wish to visit most of Microsoft's campus buildings a few miles east of Seattle, you'll need to arrange an official tour in advance, which typically requires being invited in a professional capacity.

But one of the company's buildings has no such requirement: Building 92, which houses the company's official Visitor Center and Company Store.

Every time I've driven across the region's 520 toll bridge to visit Building 92, it's been to see a press demo of new games or some tech in roped-off, invite-only meeting rooms. I've dipped into the store just briefly, marveled at some of its merch, and moved along. But this holiday season, I decided to finally carve out a few hours to take a closer look—and to confirm just how strange this capital-O "Official store" really is.

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