Developer FireCore has announced their new Infuse 4 video playback app is now available for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Infuse supports a a huge number of video types, and offers full support for Dolby (AC3) and DTS audio.

Infuse 4 Video App Now Available for Apple TV

Like its popular iOS brethren, Infuse 4 for Apple TV allows you to enjoy videos from wherever you may happen to have them stored – be it a Mac, PC, NAS, Wi-Fi drive, or a server app like Plex, Kodi, or Serviio. Plus, Infuse 4 provides automatic movie details and artwork fetching, integrated sync (for keeping watched progress in sync on multiple devices), subtitle downloads from OpenSubtitles, and many other features.

Infuse 4 Video App Now Available for Apple TV

Infuse 4 for Apple TV is free for all current Infuse 3 users on iOS. To install Fuse 4 on your Apple TV, just search for Infuse in the tvOS App Store on your ATV, or download Infuse or Infuse Pro on your iOS device, and then look for Infuse  under the Purchased tab in the tvOS App Store.

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