(credit: Netflix)

You can hardly throw a stone at a major Internet company these days without that stone's password and personally identifying data being hacked. Data breaches have become the norm, and for average Internet users, that means an increased need for vigilance.

On Wednesday, an unexpected e-mail alert from Netflix made me wonder if the media-streaming giant had become the latest victim of a giant data break-in. That wasn't the case. Instead, I found myself facing rather the opposite scenario: a tech company offering proactive support. But did Netflix's vigilant take on my account's security tip over into scare-tactic territory?

"It is more like a heads up"

I began to prep a dinner on Wednesday evening when I saw an e-mail alert on my phone saying, "Netflix password reset required." It's the kind of notice that might make anybody toss their bottles of cumin and dill aside and rush to a computer.

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