SANDMARC’s new filters aim to bring high-quality, professional filtering to the iPhone camera; by giving you three filters to help enhance your photos and videos to the next level.

With these lenses, you will no longer settle with a picture that looks plain and dull; because it adds such a rich and vibrant color to your photos, that will bring them to a whole new world. These lenses were designed to give you natural but quality filters that help reduce light intensity, grain, blurriness and other things that normally occur when you’re taking photos or videos; since it was made to improve the standard smartphone lens and make it better.

You can also stack either two or three of the lenses that they give you onto your iPhone’s camera, since they made it where you can attach them on top of each other to create a certain look to your shots. Another interesting feature that it comes with, is that it’s also made out of industrial-grade, multi-coated glass, with frames that are made out of lightweight aluminum, that are perfect for taking on or off your iPhone, since it’s so tiny and small.

Now the SANDMARC filters are currently over at So if you would like to learn more about it or help back it to its goal, then you can always check out the lenses at their official Kickstarter page for more information.

Source: Digital Journal

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